Do It For Me Please: A Book For Parents Because Baby Knows Best and the "Look At Me NOW Challenge" are about supporting children and families through the most difficult of times by providing a platform to showcase a lifetime of health-related successes. Moreover, their "essence" is to convey a universal message that ALL children have a VOICE, the same VOICE we have as adults. This VOICE is eternal and does not diminishshrink, or fade with each "cycle of life".  This VOICE transcends health, wealth, time, and vitality: life itself. With that being said, Do It For Me Please is "Art": it is for inspiration; therefore, the Look At Me NOW Challenge is too. Feel free to use them in any way that you see fit to tailor your successful life's story!  


The "Back Then" and "Look At Me NOW" branded merchandise is designed for the Look At Me NOW Challenge!

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