"Becoming a Husband and Dad renovated my heart. I was previously a part-time giver and receiver of what I perceived as LOVE. These two have provided me with the ability to articulate a life of JOY. JE SUIS L'AMOUR!" -Dr. Jay Vaughn

About Dr. Jay Vaughn

Sore Thumb Publishing is proud to spotlight our first Author Brand and debut book entitled Do It For Me, Please!: A Book For Parents Because Baby Knows Best. 

Dr. Jay Vaughn (o.k.a. Dr. Jovan Miles) is a clinical pharmacist, published author, and a well-known health educator. A native of Florida, Vaughn received a Doctorate in Pharmacy from Florida A & M University, then completed a post-graduate residency with the Florida Department of Health as an HIV Pharmacist providing clinical services for the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) enrollees.

For many years he taught at the university level as a full-time assistant professor of pharmacy practice. During his tenure as a professor, Vaughn was also a credentialed HIV Expert with the American Academy of HIV Medicine; faculty trainer and steering committee member for the Florida/Caribbean AIDS Education Training Center; ADAP program director; residency program director; chronic disease and wellness clinic director; and specialty pharmacy manager/consultant pharmacist.

As an entrepreneur, he is the architect behind several BRANDS, including MpO Holdings, G.O.A.Tivation w/ Dr. Jay Vaughn, EntrepreneurO, Sore Thumb, New Body New Attitude, and Dis Dad. However, he is most proud of being a Husband and Dad.

He is a self-described "Soliloquist that enjoys conversation." Moreover, he proclaims to be THE G.O.A.T's Writer, but you'll have to ask him what that means!

Contact: info@drjayvaughn.me