Back Then Brand Description Canvas

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 We all have a beginning that will press play⏯️ for our Genesis or "Back In the Day" or "Once Upon A Time Long, Long, Ago"...


We all have a beginning that will press play⏯️ for our Genesis or "Back In the Day" or "Once Upon A Time Long, Long, Ago" story—this story can only be told by you and is the only story that must be told. So, look at your Back Then as a starting place📍 or something that is behind you, not a place to dwell or live. Your back is a place that is meant to place things that are no longer in your current view👀, not a place to carry your burdens, because the place to carry those is the past.⏮️

Once we recognize our Back Then as a singular moment, only then will we be able to move into a NOW!🕒

As we live, we act out our own stories. Therefore, remember to make LOVE❤️ in every scene, onward and forward into a NOW, then share the YOU that has been created for the world🌍. So, every moment is your moment to say: "Look At Me, NOW!"👁️ because I was not supposed to be here but: I AM!

🕊️ Where you have peace is your home, and everyone knows that home is where the heart is ❤️. So, why not decorate its interior with what is near and dear to you?

An inviting home 🏡 isn't just about a welcome doormat; it's about opening your doors to LOVE! ❤️ What better way is there to greet invited guests than to share the moments you are most proud of: your greatest memories to date 📸!

Due to the tailored or personalized feature 🛍️, please ensure you are happy with the quality of the mock-up prior to purchasing.

🛡️ Acid-free, PH-neutral, poly-cotton base

20.5 mil (0.5 mm) thick poly-cotton blend canvas 🎨

Canvas fabric weight: 13.9 oz/yd2(470 g/m²) ⚖️

🌈 Fade-resistant

Hand-stretched over solid wood stretcher bars 🖼️

Matte finish coating ✨

1″ (3.81 cm) deep

Mounting brackets included 🔧

Pairs perfectly with the Look At Me NOW Collection Description Canvas Print 

Size guide 📏 

12″×12″ (inches)  12 12
12″×16″ (inches)  12 16
16″×16″ (inches)  16 16
16″×20″ (inches)  16 20
18″×24″ (inches)  18 24
24″×36″ (inches) 
  HEIGHT (cm) WIDTH (cm)
12″×12″ (inches)  30.5 30.5
12″×16″ (inches)  30.5 40.6
16″×16″ (inches)  40.6 40.6
16″×20″ (inches)  40.6 50.8
18″×24″ (inches) 45.7 61
24″×36″ (inches) 







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