Look At Me NOW Challenge Laptop Sleeve

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Once we recognize our Back Then🔙 as a singular moment, only then will we be able to move into a NOW!⏭️As we live, we act...

Once we recognize our Back Then🔙 as a singular moment, only then will we be able to move into a NOW!⏭️

As we live, we act out our own stories📖. Therefore, remember to make LOVE❤️ in every scene, onward and forward into a NOW, then share the YOU👤 that has been CREATED for the world🌍. So, every moment is your moment to say: Look At Me, NOW!👀 I was not supposed to be here but: I AM!✨

Laptops are already expensive, 💸 so adding another $200-300 dollars to professionally repair one that is damaged is really out of the question; especially since it seems like prices for everyday items are at an all-time high. 📈

Do a quick internet search for "How to Protect Your Laptop From Damage" and you will get a ton of websites giving tips on how to protect it. 💡 There are many insurance plans but even with those, any good protection strategy will include physically protecting your laptop with a case or laptop sleeve; yet, most of us will just throw them in a backpack with random items and assume that's how to protect it. Some of us never protect it at all. 🙅‍♂️

So, if you accidently spill that cup of coffee, ☕ left it in your car on a hot day, 🚗☀️or dropped it because you work from home and your kid bumps into it, don't worry you're protected! 👨‍👧‍👦

100% Neoprene Material to resist water, oil, and heat. 💧🛢️🔥

Faux Fur Interior Lining to help prevent scratches. 🐾

Top-Loading Zippered Enclosure With Two Sliders which allows ease of access and helps if one zipper gets stuck. 🔐

Don't forget you can always decorate your laptop with our stickers,  tote them in our all purpose tote bags, or pack them in our backpacks. 🎨👜🎒

If you are conscious about protecting your most prized electronic device, we also have stylish phone cases for an extra layer of protection. These cases are made of a hybrid thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and polycarbonate (PC) for superior protection. 📱💪







The Thumb Is Mightier Than The Sword Pen, Where Sticking Out Is Better Than Fitting In!

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