If You Know How To dress, You Can Always pull it off!

Our Apparel line includes Face Masks/Gaiters, Headwear, Hoodies, Jackets, Onesies, and  Shirts branded with  Sore ThumbBack Then, or Look At Me NOW. We also offer an extensive line of Tailored Products and Services

If you need more information about our Apparel Collection, visit the collection pages and product pages directly for more details. In the meantime here are some highlights. We are continuously updating our inventory, so more to come! 

Face Masks/Gaiters

The first rule in boxing is: Protect Yourself At All Times! One way you could look at that is: Always Guard Your Face! Our Face Masks are branded with Sore Thumb or Look At Me NOW brands. Product pages have specific details. 

Don't forget you can always tote your Face Masks in one of our all purpose tote bags or pack them in one of our backpacks


Our Headwear is branded with Sore ThumbBack Then, or Look At Me NOW. Head to the product pages for specific details.


No matter where you go or how fast your get there, always Rep' Your Hood! Warm Up to our Hoodies, which includes kids and adult (men, women, unisex) sizes, in the Sore ThumbBack Then, or Look At Me NOW


Did you know that jacket means a "paper wrapper of a book"? NOW... isn't that fitting for Sore Thumb Publishing! Your life is like a book, and sometimes you need a jacket too, so why not be prepared to weather the storm! 

Our Jackets are branded with Sore Thumb or Look At Me NOW. Visit product pages directly for more details.  



Even Barbie and Ken have Long and Short Sleeve Tees and Sweatshirts; or even Polos, so why not be a doll and add  Sore ThumbBack Then, or Look At Me NOW brands to your wardrobe collection.  We have baby, toddler, kids youth, and adult (men, women, unisex) sizes available.

Tailored Products and Services

3D Embroidery: 

Foam insert under the top stitch to raise the surface that gives a 3D look

    Direct to Garment Printing: 

    Strong, durable, and incredibly vivid colors, so these wont fade or crack after a single wash 

      Flat Embroidered:

      Is the industry standard for finer detail

        Sublimation Dye: 

        Colors are high quality, permanent, and wont fade because they are embedded in the fabric 

          Tailored or Personalized Design: 

          For the Look At Me NOW Challenge! we have features that allow you pick the color of your hashtag on the front side of your shirt. On the back you can pick your font colors and add your name and/or previous health conditions or any other message. This allows you to coordinate with your favorite outfit for any occasion. We are continually adding tailored features to many of our products.  NOTE: not all Look At Me NOW Challenge apparel allows for this level of customization.