We use the words "personalized or customized," but we prefer the word "tailored";  it just fits better. However, we do use all three interchangeably here.  We offer various tailored services that are standard with many of our brands. Read the product description to determine if the product is eligible for customization. Additionally, a "Personalize Design" button will be displayed below the "Add to Cart" button on each product page if eligible. 

Here a a few EXAMPLES of our Tailored or Personalized Designs: 

Apparel: For the Look At Me NOW Challenge! we have features that allow you pick the color of your hashtag on the front side of your shirt. On the back you can pick your font colors and add your name and/or previous health conditions or any other message. This allows you to coordinate with your favorite outfit for any occasion. We are continually adding tailored features to many of our products.  NOTE: not all Look At Me NOW Challenge apparel allows for this level of customization. 

3D Embroidery: Foam insert under the top stitch to raise the surface that gives a 3D look
Direct to Garment Printing: Strong, durable, and incredibly vivid colors, so these wont fade or crack after a single wash 
Flat Embroidered: The industry standard for finer detail
Sublimation Dye: Colors are high quality, permanent, and wont fade because they are embedded in the fabric 

      Books:  Do It For Me Please: A Book For Parents Because Baby Knows Best! is professionally translated in 50+ languages and has different ethnicity options for a truly tailored book! This book can be found in our Featured Books Collection 

      Canvas Prints: Upload images to create lasting memories 

      Co-Branding and Fundraising Book Options: Options for businesses and non-profits to co-brand specific books. Visit the FAQ page for more info.